Heavy Copper PCB Production Service

Heavy Copper PCB, Thick Copper PCB or Extreme Copper PCBs have special requirements. JHYPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, can help you verify your design and provide Prototype through Assembly services.

Thick Copper PCB-A Special PCB Board

6 Layer 4OZ Heavy Copper PCB
Thick Copper PCB Cross-Section

What is Heavy Copper PCB Board ?

Thick copper printed circuit boards are printed circuit boards made of thick copper foil or ultra-thick copper foil. It uses conductive materials (copper foil) and substrate materials, production technology, and application fields are different from conventional PCBs, so it belongs to a particular type of PCB.

How Much Copper Thickness is a Thick Copper PCB ?

There is no standard definition of heavy copper PCB. It is generally believed that the thickness of the copper used on the inner and outer layers of the printed circuit board ranges from 3 oz per square foot to 10 oz per square foot. The copper weight ranges from 4 oz per square foot to 20 oz per square foot. Any PCB following these criteria can be called as a heavy copper PCB.

Thick Copper PCB circuit board offers the possibility to implement complex switches in limited space in combination with circuitry for high current levels.

JHYPCB has reliable processes to produce copper layer thicknesses up to 400µm(11.4oz) (also for multilayers).

Types of Heavy Copper PCB

Thick copper PCB is divided into single-layer thick copper board, double-sided thick copper board and multilayer thick copper plate.

Conversion of Copper Thickness Units

The copper thickness of printed circuit boards is calculated in OZ. 1oz means the average weight of copper foil is 28.35g per square foot. Oz is the abbreviation of an ounce. It is a unit of measurement in the English system.

The thickness of copper is the average thickness of copper foil expressed by the weight per unit area. It is expressed by the formula, that is, 1OZ=28.35g/FT2.

Weight unit:

  • 1oz=28.35g
  • 1oz=16 dram
  • 16oz=1 pound

Conversion method:

The weight of copper foil divided by the density and surface area of copper is the thickness of copper foil.

1 square foot = 929.0304 square centimeters, copper density = 8.9kg/dm^3

Let the Copper thickness be X and solve the equation:

X*929.0304c㎡ *8.9 g/cm³=1oz=28.35 g
So, 1oz=34.287um

The thickness of 1OZ copper foil is about 35um or 1.35mil.

Performance of Thick Copper PCB

Thick copper PCB has the best elongation performance and is not limited by the processing temperature. It can be used in hot melt welding methods such as oxygen blowing at a high melting point and not brittle at low temperatures. Even in extremely corrosive atmospheric environments, copper PCB forms a strong, non-toxic passivation protective layer.

Thick Copper PCB Board

Advantages and Applications of Thick Copper PCB

Thick copper PCBs are characterized by structures with copper thicknesses from 105 to 400 µm. These PCBs are used for large (high) current outputs and optimization of thermal management. The thick copper allows large PCB-cross-sections for high current loads and encourages heat dissipation. The most common designs are multilayer or double-sided. With this PCB technology it is also possible to combine fine layout structures on the outer layers and thick copper layers in the inner layers.

Thick copper PCB is widely used in various household appliances, high-tech products, military, medical and other electronic equipment. The application of thick copper PCB makes the core component of electronic equipment products-circuit boards have a longer service life, and at the same time it is very helpful to the size reduction of electronic equipment.

  • High current applications
  • Thermal distribution for good thermal management
  • Heat dissipation of components with large power loss
  • Industrial Robot
  • Inverter
  • Battery Management System(BMS)
  • Solar arrays
  • Power converters
  • Power supplies
  • Welding Machine
  • Aviation
  • Heavy machinery
  • Automotive and more

What thick copper can do? (Over 500um / 14.3oz)

What thick copper can do

Extreme Copper PCB Manufacturing

Thick Copper PCB Prototype Fabrication

In PCB prototyping, thick copper PCB belongs to a special technology, has certain technical thresholds and operating difficulties, and is relatively expensive. At present, in the process of PCB prototype, we can achieve 1-30 layers, the maximum copper thickness is 13oz, the minimum hole size is 0.15 ~ 0.3mm.

Technical options for thick copper circuit boards

Outer layers:

Final thickness*Min. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing

Inner layers:

Copper foil thicknessMin. conductor widthMin. conductor spacing

* after electroplating
** only on request


NO.ItemManufacturing Capability
1Base MaterialFR4/Halogen free/Rogers/Aluminum/Hybird
2Copper Thickness0.3 oz-12 oz
3Board thickness0.15mm-10mm
4Min. Hole Size0.1mm
5Min. Line Width0.075mm
6Min. Line Spacing0.075mm
7Electrical TestingFixture / Flying Probe
8Solder-Mask FinishingWet Film (LPI Soldermask)
Peelable Soldermask
9Surface FinishingOSP|HASL|HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF)|Immersion Silver|Immersion Tin|Plated Gold|Immersion Gold(ENIG)|ENEPIG|Golden Finger+HASL|ENIG+OSP|ENIG+Golden Finger|OSP+Golden Finger, etc.

Deliver Ability

LayersDeliver AbilityDeliver Ability
2 Layer<1m²5 days<3m²5 days
4 Layer<1m²6 days<3m²7 days
6 Layer<1m²8 days<3m²9 days
8 Layer<1m²8 days<3m²9 days
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