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10 Types of PCB Surface Finishes: All You Need to Know

The surface finish on any printed circuit board(PCB) is a critical factor that needs to be considered while designing a PCB. Everyone wants to ensure the long-life product, and its surface finish ensures PCB’s long life.

Quality Control of Engineering Data for Multilayer PCB

In the production of multilayer PCB, the quality of engineering data plays a pivotal role. It contains all the data needed in the entire production and involves various processes of the multilayer PCB production.

Why is the prototype PCB manufacturing so important?

PCB prototype verifies PCB design before mass production and advanced understanding of product quality, reducing defects in precision manufacturing. PCB prototyping is an essential part of quality assurance.

Knowledge of Flexible PCB Manufacturing Process Steps

PCB is the necessary product of the electronic industry. Flexible PCB is a broad category of PCBs. According to the structure of FPC, it can be divided into a single-layer, double-sided, and multilayer flexible PCB according to the number of conductor layers.

Knowledge of Plating on Flexible Circuit Board Surface

Electroplating is a vital link in the PCB manufacturing process. The electroplating process of flexible PCB needs to pay attention to the following points: pretreatment of FPC electroplating, electroplating thickness, stain treatment after electroplating, etc.

Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Fast PCB Classification?

PCB is the basic component of electronic products. For products of different purposes, the PCBs that need to be selected are also different. Usually, we use the number of layers, substrate material, and scope of application to classify PCBs.

10 Tips To Improve PCB Design For Manufacturability

Through the Design For Manufacturability(DFM) of the printed circuit board, the design department and the production department can be effectively connected organically. The design, development, and production can be coordinated to unify the standards, realize production automation, and improve production efficiency.

What factors determine the price of PCB?

Depending on the design of the printed circuit board, the price will vary depending on the material of the circuit board, the number of layers of the circuit board, the size of the circuit board, the quantity, the production process, the smallest line width and line spacing, the smallest aperture and the number of holes, Special crafts, and other requirements.

What is the Bill of Materials(BOM) and how to create one?

Bill of Materials (BOM) is an important file that contains comprehensive information on the components/parts required in the PCB. The buyer creates a BOM file of the PCB and provides it to the manufacturer/assembler.

How to clean the solder paste on SMT stencil?

SMT stencils are the medium you use to transfer that solder paste onto the PCB. Both SMT stencil and laser stencil can be recycled. Recycling can significantly reduce the production costs of enterprises.

Why choose FR4 as the general material of PCB?

FR4 is one of the most popular materials used to make PCBs. FR in FR4 stands for flame retardant, whereas the number 4 differentiates the material from other materials in this class. FR4 is a fiberglass-reinforced epoxy laminated sheet, which looks like a thin, and woven cloth sheet.

The Growth of PCB Industry Due to 5G

With the development of 5G technology, the PCB industry has also ushered in a new climax of development, mainly in the communication, consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics, and server markets.

Choosing the Right Metal Core PCB Manufacturer is Critical to Your Success

The most critical step is choosing the proper manufacturer. Every manufacturer has a limited capability of manufacturing PCBs. The manufacturer should be able to provide what you need. There are a limited number of layers, thickness ranges, types of materials, Tg range, conductivity ranges, etc.

The Main PCB Assembly Process Steps

It is important for a designer, buyer, or beginner to know about the PCB assembly and its complete process and types. Here, we will have a look at these things and explain everything step-by-step.

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