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Reasons for Rapid PCB Prototype Manufacturing

What is a PCB Prototyping?

PCB prototype refers to the trial production of the printed circuit board before mass production. After the electronic engineer completes the PCB circuit design, the process of small-batch trial production to the PCB factory is the so-called “PCB prototyping.”

Fast PCB Prototyping Service

Quick turn PCB production refers to the process of completing PCB production at the fastest speed in the production process. It only takes 8 hours for double-sided PCB prototype, 24 hours for small batches, 36 hours for multilayer circuit board prototype, and 3 working days for small and medium quantities. A factory based on this production time is called a fast PCB manufacturer.

With the maturity of the PCB manufacturing process and the improvement of supply chain management, the production speed of rapid PCB prototyping manufacture is getting faster and faster, and the delivery cycle is getting shorter and shorter. What are the specific factors that are fueling the flames?

Double Sided PCB Board Prototype
Double-Sided PCB Board Prototype

Why is the Quick Turn Circuit Board Prototyping So Fast?

1. There are special urgent services

For customers with urgent needs, urgent service is like a boon. The so-called expedited service requires different durations for different product types. For example, single-sided and double-sided PCB expedited can be completed within 8 hours at the fastest, and four-layer board expedited can be completed within 24 hours. Batch rush can be completed within 48 hours… No matter what kind of product, as long as there is an urgent demand, its production speed will inevitably be faster.

2. Strictly control the production process management

The quick-turn circuit board prototype manufacturing process is very cumbersome. If the manufacturer fails to carry out strict management and control from the order to the completion of production, then its production efficiency is likely to be in a low state. Conversely, only strict process management in the production process can significantly improve production efficiency and ensure delivery speed.

3. Advanced Production Equipment

If there is no copier, how can your documents be copied quickly one by one? Therefore, having advanced automation equipment is also very important for PCB Prototyping. Only by making use of these equipment can you significantly improve your labor productivity through machines and considerably shorten the delivery time of products.

Fast PCB Prototyping Machine
Fast PCB Prototyping Machine

Best PCB Manufacturer offers Best and cheapest PCB Prototype Service

JHYPCB provides 24 hours (2 layers)/48 hours (4 layers) rapid PCB prototype production services. Our professional engineers will check the manufacturability design of the Gerber file you provide and give reasonable suggestions, and these are free. The prototyping stage is the most critical step for electronic engineers, students, and hobbyists. JHYPCB not only speeds up your sample production speed to verify your design but also dramatically reduces your cost and shortens the time for developing electronic products.

Since its inception, we have taken quick turn PCB prototype fabrication, fast prototype PCB assembly, and small batch production as our operating characteristics. After years of unremitting efforts, we have won the trust of a large number of customers, such as Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and Europe.

Fast PCB Prototyping Manufacturing Service Delivery Capability

Layerswithin 0.1 ㎡Normal delivery0.1-1㎡Normal delivery1-2㎡Normal delivery
Single-layer24H3 Days24H4 Days3 Days5 Days
48H48H4 Days
Double-layer24H4 Days2 Days5 Days3 Days7 Days
48H3 Days4 Days
72H4 Days5 Days
4 Layer2 Days6 Days3 Days7 Days4 Days8 Days
3 Days4 Days5 Days
4 Days5 Days6 Days
6 Layer3 Days7 Days4 Days8 Days5 Days10 Days
4 Days5 Days6 Days
5 Days6 Days7 Days
8 Layer3 Days9 Days4 Days10 Days6 Days11 Days
4 Days5 Days7 Days
5 Days6 Days8 Days
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