Flexible PCB Manufacturing

What Are Flexible PCB Stiffeners?

Flexible Printed Circuit Board stiffeners are applied to make certain parts of a flexible PCB rigid or stiff in order to make it easier for components to be soldered to the harder or stiffer part of the Board. Flexible PCB stiffeners are not part of a PCB’s electrical circuitry.

Development and Applications of FPC Flexible PCB

With the upgrading of electronic products, FPC (flexible circuit board) caters to the development trend of light, thin, short, and small electronic products with its unique advantages and plays a critical cornerstone role in the electronic information industry.

Knowledge of Flexible PCB Manufacturing Process Steps

PCB is the necessary product of the electronic industry. Flexible PCB is a broad category of PCBs. According to the structure of FPC, it can be divided into a single-layer, double-sided, and multilayer flexible PCB according to the number of conductor layers.

Knowledge of Plating on Flexible Circuit Board Surface

Electroplating is a vital link in the PCB manufacturing process. The electroplating process of flexible PCB needs to pay attention to the following points: pretreatment of FPC electroplating, electroplating thickness, stain treatment after electroplating, etc.

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