PCB Assembly Process

Internal Flow of PCB Prototype Assembly

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Electronic PCB Assembly Process and Flow Chart

With the development of electronic products’ PCBA assembly towards miniaturization and high assembly density, SMT Surface Mount Technology has now become the mainstream technology of electronic assembly. PCBA assembly method and its process flow mainly depend on the type of components assembled and the equipment conditions assembled.

How to clean the PCB assembled boards? [Solved]

PCBAs need to be cleaned because the boards are more or less inevitably contaminated during the assembly process. Whether you assemble a printed circuit board yourself or a circuit board assembled at a PCB assembly plant, it needs to be cleaned after assembly.

SMT PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process Introduces

SMT surface mount technology is one of the manufacturing processes in the PCB assembly industry. SMT is also the most automated technology in the modern electronics assembly industry. This article will elaborate on the process flow of surface mount technology.

The Influence Of Dust On The Quality Of SMT Production Line

Surface mount technology places high demands on the environment of the production workshop. As a PCB assembly manufacturer, controlling the environmental pollution of the SMT production line is also critical to product quality. This article will analyze the impact of dust on the quality of SMT production lines.

The Two Typical SMT Reflow Soldering Temperature Curve Modes

The most critical process in SMT technology is the reflow soldering process. The quality control of the reflow soldering process determines the quality of the terminals produced by SMT because defects caused by the design of surface mount components and printed circuit boards, solder paste printing, and component placement will eventually be concentrated in the reflow soldering process.

How to Solder On Flex PCB?

The common rule for soldering on flex PCBs is this: Don’t use the temperature profile for conventional PCBs to solder flex PCBs.

How long can PCBA finished products be stored?

PCBA is the abbreviation for PCB assembly, and PCBA is also the name of the finished product after the circuit board is assembled. After the PCB assembly is completed, it will go through the process of transportation and storage. This article will describe the storage method of PCBA in detail.

What is the difference between SMT and SMD?

Both SMT and SMD belong to professional terms in the PCB assembly industry. SMT, that is, surface mount technology, is one of the PCB assembly technologies; SMD, that is, surface mount devices, is one of the components used in the SMT process.

The Main PCB Assembly Process Steps

It is important for a designer, buyer, or beginner to know about the PCB assembly and its complete process and types. Here, we will have a look at these things and explain everything step-by-step.

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