PCB Design

Layer Stackup in Rigid-Flex PCB

A rigid-flex PCB Stackup is a type of PCB that has both rigid and flexible layers. You should choose the best stackup type for your project.

Guide to Multilayer PCB Layer Stackup and thickness

PCB Stack-up refers to the arrangement of copper layers and insulating layers that make up a PCB prior to board layout design. PCB stack up is am important part of the PCB design and manufacturing process.

PCB Stackup Design Guidelines and Considerations

As a professional PCB manufacturer, we have summarized the following PCB stacking design guidelines and precautions in practical applications, hoping to be helpful to most PCB designers.

HDI PCB Layout and Basic HDI Design Guidelines

HDI circuit board is an advanced printed circuit board. If you suspect you’ll need to work with component densities that require HDI layout and routing, here’s what you need to know about your next board and how to plan your design.

PCB Design Guidelines

Printed circuit boards have become a fundamental factor in developing contemporary electronic products. Printed circuit boards are one of the core components of electronic products. According to different end products and usage scenarios, the PCB production process’s limitations and the PCB circuit boards’ design should also follow specific rules.

10 Tips To Improve PCB Design For Manufacturability

Through the Design For Manufacturability(DFM) of the printed circuit board, the design department and the production department can be effectively connected organically. The design, development, and production can be coordinated to unify the standards, realize production automation, and improve production efficiency.

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