PCB Fabrication China

What Is Prototype PCB Assembly?

Prototype PCB assembly offers crucial physical validation capabilities to accelerate electronics product development and refine designs by discovering issues early…

Fast Prototype PCB Manufacturing Services in Canada by JHYPCB

JHYPCB offers fast PCB prototype and reliable rapid PCB prototyping services in Canada for startups and enterprises, manufacturing boards with high quality and quick turnaround times from our facilities in China. Learn more.

How to Make Low Cost PCB Prototypes

Achieving low cost PCB prototypes under $50 is possible for early stage hardware products. This guide explores budgeting, comparing professional vs DIY fabrication, optimizing designs and sourcing manufacturers.

Flexible PCB Manufacturing: A Guide to Fabrication and Assembly

As a premier flexible PCB manufacturer in China, JHYPCB has extensive expertise in fabricating and assembling high-quality flex circuits. In this comprehensive guide, we provide key insights into the flex PCB manufacturing process, design considerations, assembly techniques, emerging applications, and more.

What Is PCB Immersion Silver Surface Finish?

There are many surface finish processes for printed circuit boards, and immersion silver is one of them. What is PCB Immersion Silver Surface Finish? Immersion silver PCB has many advantages, which we will analyze in this article.

How To Reduce The PCB Manufacturing Cost?

Price is often an essential reference when we buy a product or a service. If you’re into designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards and want to learn how to reduce PCB manufacturing costs, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Rogers Material PCB?

There is no doubting that fact that Rogers is one company that has managed to stand out amongst others in manufacturing laminate materials that are used in today’s circuit board. Printed circuit boards fabricated from Rogers materials offers strong moisture absorption and better thermal management.

PCB Stackup Design Guidelines and Considerations

As a professional PCB manufacturer, we have summarized the following PCB stacking design guidelines and precautions in practical applications, hoping to be helpful to most PCB designers.

What Is Flexible PCB Coverlay (FPC Cover Layer)?

A flexible PCB coverlay provides the same functionality as a solder mask used on rigid PCBs. However, a flexible PCB coverlay offers more durability and flexibility which are very important in the application of flexible printed circuits compared to a solder mask with limited flexibility.

Why Should PCB Reliability Be Taken Seriously?

High-reliability PCB can play a stable carrier role and realize the long-term and stable operation of PCBA, thereby ensuring the safety, stability, and service life of end products, and enterprises can enhance competitiveness, improve reputation, expand market share, and improve economic benefits.

What Are Flexible PCB Stiffeners?

Flexible Printed Circuit Board stiffeners are applied to make certain parts of a flexible PCB rigid or stiff in order to make it easier for components to be soldered to the harder or stiffer part of the Board. Flexible PCB stiffeners are not part of a PCB’s electrical circuitry.

Introduction to Aluminum PCB Manufacturing Process

An aluminum PCB is a printed circuit board that contains a thin layer of conductive dielectric material. Aluminum PCB is widely used in the LED lighting industry. Here we will explain the manufacturing process and process of aluminum PCB in detail.

What is the risk of using an out-of-expiration PCB?

Printed circuit boards have their own shelf life, and we need to use them up as soon as possible within their shelf life. Printed circuit boards that have exceeded the recommended shelf life will cause severe quality problems, especially for PCB assembly.

10 Types of PCB Surface Finishes: All You Need to Know

The surface finish on any printed circuit board(PCB) is a critical factor that needs to be considered while designing a PCB. Everyone wants to ensure the long-life product, and its surface finish ensures PCB’s long life.

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