PCB Fabrication China

What Is Rogers Material PCB?

There is no doubting that fact that Rogers is one company that has managed to stand out amongst others in manufacturing laminate materials that are used in today’s circuit board. Printed circuit boards fabricated from Rogers materials offers strong moisture absorption and better thermal management.

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What Are Flexible PCB Stiffeners?

Flexible PCB stiffeners provide mechanical support and rigidity to specific areas of flex circuits. This guide explores why and how stiffeners are utilized. It covers common stiffener materials like FR-4, polyimide (PI), and metals like stainless steel/aluminum, detailing their properties. Learn when stiffeners are needed – for mounting components, meeting ZIF connector specs, or controlling bend areas. Discover attachment methods like thermal bonding and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Properly applied stiffeners enhance flex PCB reliability, durability and performance.

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