PCB Manufacturing Process

How to Build a Multilayer PCB?

Multilayer PCB is a type of circuit board that contains three or more layers of conductive material. Here is a guide on multi-layer PCB stack-up and manufacturing processes.

The Manufacturing Process Of Double-sided Flexible PCB Coverlay

One of the unique processes of the flexible printed board manufacturing process is the processing of the cover layer. The processing methods of the cover layer can be divided into three categories: cover film, screen printing, and photo coated layer.

Introduction to Aluminum PCB Manufacturing Process

An aluminum PCB is a printed circuit board that contains a thin layer of conductive dielectric material. Aluminum PCB is widely used in the LED lighting industry. Here we will explain the manufacturing process and process of aluminum PCB in detail.

Key Process Flow of Rigid-Fled PCB Production

Rigid-flex PCB is a printed circuit board that combines the features and advantages of flexible PCB and rigid PCB. It combines rigid PCB and flexible PCB through a lamination process.

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