Surface Mount Technology

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

SMT, or Surface Mount Technology, is one of the printed circuit board assembly processes. Surface mount technology has a more comprehensive application, lower cost, and higher efficiency than through-hole technology. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of SMT.

Materials Used in Surface Mount Technology

Surface mount technology is one of the PCB assembly technologies, which is the process of mounting electronic components on the surface of a printed circuit board. Surface mount technology requires solder paste, flux, and other materials.

SMT PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process Introduces

SMT surface mount technology is one of the manufacturing processes in the PCB assembly industry. SMT is also the most automated technology in the modern electronics assembly industry. This article will elaborate on the process flow of surface mount technology.

The Influence Of Dust On The Quality Of SMT Production Line

Surface mount technology places high demands on the environment of the production workshop. As a PCB assembly manufacturer, controlling the environmental pollution of the SMT production line is also critical to product quality. This article will analyze the impact of dust on the quality of SMT production lines.

The Two Typical SMT Reflow Soldering Temperature Curve Modes

The most critical process in SMT technology is the reflow soldering process. The quality control of the reflow soldering process determines the quality of the terminals produced by SMT because defects caused by the design of surface mount components and printed circuit boards, solder paste printing, and component placement will eventually be concentrated in the reflow soldering process.

30 Common SMT PCB Assembly Defects

Minimizing solder joint defects in PCB assembly should be the goal of all SMT PCB manufacturers. JHYPCB is a professional PCB assembly manufacturer in China. We will analyze 30 common SMT assembly defects in this article.

What is the difference between SMT and SMD?

Both SMT and SMD belong to professional terms in the PCB assembly industry. SMT, that is, surface mount technology, is one of the PCB assembly technologies; SMD, that is, surface mount devices, is one of the components used in the SMT process.

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