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Focus on prototype PCB fabrication and assembly services, Offers fast low volume prototype PCB SMT and DIP assembly, fastest delivery within 24 hours, NO MOQ.

The-Trouble-With-R&D Engineers

The Trouble With R&D Engineers

  1. Small Quantity. No supplier willing to cooperate.
  2. Dozens of material suppliers, we need speed much time and works to contact one by one, and price is so high for small Qty, how to do?–Annoyed
  3. You: Hello, how about the sample cost and production lead time?
    Supplier: Hello, we need add more extra cost for your this Low Volume prototype order, and can not confirm you the exact delivery date.
  4. You: What? Our competitors products has started on hot selling!!!
    But our sample still on waiting for production.
  5. Your boss: What is our aim? Push products come out as soon as possible.
    You(Crying): We are so annoyed for the prototype process is too slow!
  6. You: Prototype lead time is too long and suppliers very hard to cooperate, we are so helpless.
You Need Professional Low Volume and Quick Turn PCB Prototype Assembly Services
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What is the Low Volume PCB Assembly?

Not all engineers and manufacturers require thousands or tens of thousands of PCBs for their projects. It depends on the requirement. They look for low volume PCBs and PCBA. Fortunately, many assemblers provide low volume PCB assembly at a low cost. By low volume, it means it is less than 5000 PCB assemblies. It can be 25, 50, or anywhere less than five thousand. Some manufacturers also offer no minimum order, which means you can get one assembly at a minimum.

Before we dive into what low volume PCB assembly includes, it’s better to know what PCBA is. PCB assembly is a finished product that has all electronic components on it. It’s the final product that can be used in the project.

In low volume PCB assembly, the complete assembly of PCB, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), and Design for Testing (DFT) services are included. Moreover, some manufacturers also offer pre-production test boards in which they provide a few boards for testing. After the confirmation of the buyer, the production is started. It saves time that could waste in amendments. The assembly of PCB begins with the fabrication of PCB. Then, the required components are purchased or provided by the buyer. The components are placed on the boards, and then final testing is done.

Low Volume PCB Assembly Service
Small Batch PCB Assembly

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

There can be delays and errors in the assembly if there is anything wrong with the information or documents provided by the buyer. For instance, if there is any problem with a component of BOM, suppose it’s not available, then it can create a hindrance. There can be many problems because most engineers and designers are not familiar with the assembly process and its requirements. Thus, to make everything perfect and avoid any delay, Design for Manufacturability is preferred.

In DFM, the experts review every document/file provided by the buyer. They go through everything and analyze the files. If there is any problem, they get back to the buyer. They check Gerber files, Bill of Materials (BOM), circuit diagrams, and other things. DFM makes the process smooth; there won’t be any hindrance. It ensures no error and timely delivery of the PCBA. Therefore, it’s an important step.

Learn more about DFM:

Design for Testing (DFT)

No matter whether the PCB assembler has done everything up to the mark or not, testing is necessary. The board can have any problem, but if it has a perfect design for testing, then the errors and faults can be detected and rectified. It will help in finding the fault in less time and getting the desired results. There can be a component failure, solder issue, or any other problem, but testing ensures everything is perfect. Thus, Design for Testing (DFT) is necessary.

The testing expert of the PCB assembler will guide you about the planning, types of testing methodologies, placement of test points, testing limitations, etc. It will be better for problem-solving and error detection.

For low volume PCB assembly, you need to find a low volume PCB manufacturer. JHYPCB is a professional electronic contract PCB fabrication and assembly manufacturer in China. We can offer a quick turn, turnkey, and lost cost low volume PCB prototype and assembly services. Small batches are usually defined as ordering less than 5,000 PCBA. We offer the fastest delivery within 24 hours and a minimum order of 1pcs; there is no minimum order requirement.

Use Small Batch PCB Assembly to Verify Your Project and Design

Before going for a large PCB assembly batch, it is important to make sure that the design is perfect. No matter how hard you try and how experienced you are, there are always chances of errors and faults. There can be any problem with the components, design, and results. Therefore, it’s better to go for a small batch and test the design and project requirements. Low volume PCB assembly is the best option to go with if you want to verify the design. You can order a few PCB assemblies and test everything on your end. After your satisfaction, you are ready to order PCB assembly in bulk.

Ordering a small batch PCB assembly can save you a lot of money. Errors can be identified and rectified at the right time. On the other hand, any error in a large batch can result in a huge loss. Moreover, it also wastes time. Thus, it’s necessary to get low volume PCB assembly.

JHYPCB Offers Quick Turn PCB Prototype Assembly Service for Your Small Orders

Quick Turn PCB Prototype Assembly Service

You might need a quick turn PCB prototype assembly for testing. Prototype PCB assembly can save you from the errors in bulk production. Ordering a prototype is easy, and you can make changes in the next prototype. You can make sure that the PCBA is up to the mark.

Moreover, it’s important to get a quick-turn PCB prototype assembly so that you can get the board in less time. You can make changes and get the next prototype in a short time. This saves you time and money.

JHYPCB proudly offers a quick turn PCB prototype assembly. We can provide it within 24 hours. So, you can make as many changes as you want and re-order the prototype. We will make sure to save your time and give you the fastest service possible. Even for small orders, we deliver the order in less time.

JHYPCB Offers Complete Turnkey Low-Volume Electronic PCB Assembly Services

Turnkey PCB assembly service is an excellent way if you want the assembly to be perfect and delivered at the right time. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything because everything is the responsibility of the contract manufacturer.

In a turnkey PCB assembly service, everything is done at the end of the contract manufacturer. The manufacturer purchases the components, fabricates the PCB, assembles the components, and checks for any faults and errors. It also includes the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) services. The contract manufacturer makes sure that everything is according to requirements. There are experts to monitor the process and steps involved from scratch to the final product. Thus, the buyer is free at his end.

JHYPCB offers complete turnkey low volume PCB assembly service. We can handle everything from component procurement to the final testing of the PCBA. The low volume can be less than 5000, and there is no minimum order requirement.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

How to Get a Low-cost Prototype PCB Assembly Online Quote from China?

At JHYPCB, our customer representatives are always ready to assist you. You can provide us the details of the order, and we will provide you the low-cost PCB assembly quote. Contact us at sales@pcbjhy.com with the Gerber files and BOM list. Our team will get back to you with a reasonable quote.

Complete data requirements for a proper quotation of a PCB Assembly job:

It’s important to provide the required and correct data to get a quotation for PCB assembly. Any alteration in the data can change the quote. So, make sure to provide each piece of information.

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) – BOM is the most important file. It contains detailed information about the components required for the PCBA. It’s important for the quote. The BOM file should be in Microsoft Excel format. The contract manufacturer gathers the components according to BOM. So, it plays an important role in components sourcing and PCB assembly. It’s an organized way to tell the contract manufacturer about the required components. It should include Reference Designators, Quantity, Manufacturer Part Number, Description, Manufacturer’s Name, and Value. Reference Designators, Manufacturer Part Number, and Quantity are essential. It’s better to get a template from the contract manufacturer.
  • Gerber Files – Gerber files are necessary to know about the PCB design. It is important for both PCB fabrication and PCB assembly. It’s the standard file that you need to provide to the contract manufacturer. The file contains different parameters, coordinates, and other information that is required to make the board. Moreover, there are different Gerber formats; make sure to know about the format that the contract manufacturer needs.
  • Centroid Data – In PCB assembly, the components are placed in their places. For the correct placement, XY data is required, which tells the coordinates of the component. Such a file that contains this XY data is known as the centroid file. It’s important for the perfect placement of the components. It’s also necessary for making a quote.
  • Assembly Drawings – This is not essential, but it can help to make sure everything is up to the mark. The drawing contains drill locations, hole chart, dimensions, board layer stack-up, component outlines, assembly notes, and a few other things.
  • Testing Guide & Test Fixtures (If you have) – It’s better to provide the testing guide so that the contract manufacturer can test the assembly on its own. Otherwise, you will have to ship it back for changes. Describe the test information of your PCBA; it will save you time and money.
  • Programming files & Programming tool (If necessary) – Programming files are important for PCBA. But they are not necessary. If the buyer can provide an IC programming file, it’s better; otherwise, most manufacturers can make it on their own.

JHYPCB Prototype PCB Assembly Process Flow

Get your free PCB assembly online quote

PCB Assembly Online Quote

Sign the contract and pay

Sign the contract and pay

Component Sourcing

Components Purchasing

IQC Incoming Inspection

IQC Inspection

SMT Assembly Line

100% Automatic SMT by Machine

First article Inspection System

First Article Inspection System

AOI Inspection

100% AOI Inspection

DIP Automatic Selective Wave Soldering

DIP Automatic Selective Wave Soldering

Appearance Inspection

Appearance Inspection

QA Inspection

QA Inspection

Our Main Production Equipment

High-Speed Modular Patch Machine(Panasonic NPM-D3)

High-Speed Modular Patch Machine(Panasonic NPM-D3)

  • Precision: 40um
  • Speed: 84000cph
  • Patched Component Size: 0201~6*6mm
  • PCB: 50*50~510*590mm
Universal High Precision Patch Machine(Panasonic NPM-TT)

Universal High Precision Patch Machine(Panasonic NPM-TT)

  • Precision: 30um
  • Speed: 25000cph
  • Patched Component Size: 0402*6~32*32mm
  • PCB: 50*50~510*590MM
High-Speed High Precision Patch Machine(YSM20)

High-Speed High Precision Patch Machine(YSM20)

  • Precision: 30um
  • Speed: 45000cph
  • Patched Component Size: 01005~45*45mm
  • PCB: 50*50~810*490MM
Selective Wave Soldering (Germany Ersa)

Selective Wave Soldering (Germany Ersa)

  • ERSA Energy Saving, Little Tin Slag
  • Don’t Need Fixture, High Efficiency, and High Quality (Defective Rate Lower Than 0.001%)

Main Supporting Facilities

X-ray Automatic BGA Inspection Machine

X-ray Automatic BGA Inspection Machine

Optical AOI Inspection Machine

Optical AOI Inspection Machine

BGA Repair Machine

BGA Repair Machine

SMT Moisture-proof Cabinet

SMT Moisture-proof Cabinet

The Laser Stencil Cutting Machine

The Laser Stencil Cutting Machine

JHYPCB is a reliable low volume PCB manufacturer with PCB Assembly Capability in china. We can handle low volume PCB assembly, LED PCB Assembly, Through Hole PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly, and quick turn PCB prototype assembly. We can also provide satisfactory turnkey PCB assembly. You will get all your solutions to PCB and PCBA under a single roof. We can provide quick prototypes and assemblies within 24 hours. You can save 15-20% PCB assembly cost by having your projects built at JHYPCB. We ensure quality, and we have an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Contact us for low volume PCB assembly; we will provide you a free quote. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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