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A prototype PCB is very important for any project. It is essential to consider a prototype circuit board before you start the manufacturing of PCBs in a large amount. Every industry that requires a PCB for its project gets a PCB prototyping first. Therefore, we are going to give you complete guidance for prototype printed circuit boards. We will tell you the essential factors that you need to consider while ordering it, its benefits, importance, uses, and everything that you need to know about the PCB prototype manufacturing. Let’s start the discussion.

PCB Prototype: Important Factors, Reasons, and Uses

PCB Prototyping Fabrication Services
prototype printed circuit board

What is a PCB prototype?

A PCB prototype is just like a test board that is used for testing purposes. During PCB designing, you may need to change many things and come up with different designs and dozens of alterations. So, you never know whether your PCB is perfect for mass production or not. Therefore, a PCB prototype board is made for testing. A few PCB prototype boards are made to test your design according to the desired results. If you have achieved what you wanted, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, you will need to redesign and order another PCB prototype. You need to make sure that your PCB is working correctly before starting bulk production. A prototype PCB may lack some features, but it is very close to the standard PCB. You will get a complete idea of your design; therefore, it is an essential step.

Prototype PCB Assembly is a small batch trial production used to test the design of new electronic products, find defects, and update the layout to ensure that the product design meets the expected design requirements. Before the formal mass production, an electronic project will take 2-3 times of prototype assembly to make sure everything is normal. Moreover, under normal circumstances, the number of PCB prototype assembly is less than 30 pieces.

JHYPCB offers rapid prototyping PCB assembly service.

We are committed to providing you with fast and convenient prototype PCBA services, to ensure that PCB design can be quickly and effectively verified, to promote mass production and project delivery. You only need to send us PCB Gerbers, bill of materials (BOM) and special process requirements to enjoy the following quality PCBA electronic manufacturing services:

  • Three days quick turn PCB prototype assembly service (including PCB, components purchasing, SMT, test)
  • The project cost is at least 20% lower than the market price.
  • Free DFM check
  • Anti-static bag + bubble bag + carton safe packaging

Why Do You Need a PCB Prototype?

Some people might think that it is better to order PCB after designing and making a PCB prototype is a waste of time. But there are many reasons to get PCB prototype services. Let’s see the logic.

Error Detection

The first and most important reason for taking PCB prototype services is error detection. No matter whether you are an expert or not, there are higher chances of errors. You cannot say that your PCB will work correctly without any issues. You can run your PCB and components on software, but there is a massive difference between simulation and actual PCB. So, you can never rely on software or simulation. Even if the PCB simulation is working fine, there can be many problems and errors. So, to detect the error, you need to test everything physically, and this is where a PCB prototype comes in.

With the help of a PCB prototype, you can easily detect the errors and make some modifications to the next prototype. If you are making a new product, then you can catch mistakes easily using the prototype. Moreover, you can also test the PCB for the testing of any new design.

Time and Money Saving

Bulk PCB manufacturing requires time and a lot of money. If bulk production has any error or fault, then it will be a massive loss of time and money. Every project has a limited time and budget for the completion, so you need to do everything on time by investing the right amount in the right place. A PCB prototype takes only a few days for the fabrication and arrival, and it costs only a little. Cheap PCB prototype only costs a few dollars, but it is beneficial. A prototype PCB manufacturer can send you the prototype within 2-3 days. So, you can save your time by testing your PCB prototype and money.

Improvement in Design

There is always room for improvement and modifications. Many times, we add a new component or do some alteration in the PCB to get better and excellent results. So, for improvements, you need to have a PCB prototype. A PCB prototype allows you to improve the design and make alterations as much as you want because it is cheap and readily available at short notices. Therefore, you have options to make improvements in a prototype.

Error-free Final Product

When you check every PCB and its results using prototypes, then there is very little or no chance of error. If there are multiple PCBs in your project, you can order their prototypes first and check them to obtain the desired result. This will also help you figure out which PCB requires redesigning or amendment. Your final product will be error-free as you have checked everything. Therefore, a PCB prototype board is the basis of making an error-free product.

Satisfaction for Mass Production

You cannot produce or order PCBs in bulk if you have not tested their prototypes. It is a considerable risk because you can lose money. But once you have checked the prototypes, you have the satisfaction to produce PCBs in bulk. The results will be accurate and according to your requirements.

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Important Things to Consider While Ordering PCB Prototype

What Are The Requirements To PCB Prototype?

There are some important things that you need to consider while ordering a PCB prototype. We are going to explain everything. If you have never used any PCB prototype manufacturing service, then this will help you a lot. The things that you need to consider are:

  • Type of PCBMaterial
  • Layers
  • Dimensions
  • Thickness
  • Spacing and Width
  • Holes
  • Solder Mask
  • Surface Finish
  • Copper Thickness
  • Silkscreen

Type of PCB

The first thing that you need to decide is the type of PCB prototype. There are various types of PCBs available in the market. You can choose any of the PCB types according to your requirements. Let’s see some of the commonly used PCBs.

Rigid PCB

The most common and oldest type of PCB is a rigid PCB. It is made from a hard substrate. These PCBs remain in their shape because of their hard material, and they cannot be bent. Bending these PCBs will break the board. So, they are used where bending is not required.

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCBs, as the name suggests, are flexible. They can be bent easily. Due to their bending ability, they are widely used. You can use these PCBs in compact and unusual spaces. These are mostly used in UAV, LCD, projectors, cameras, wearable devices, printers, aviation instruments, etc. They are made from flexible materials such as polyester film, polyimide film, and fluorinated ethylene propylene film.

Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB is the intermediate version of both flexible and rigid PCB. This PCB has flexible layers as well as rigid layers.


These PCBs are widely used nowadays. HDI stands for High-Density Interconnect. Therefore, it has a higher density of circuitry or electrical connections per unit area. So, the size of this PCB is very compact, and it is very lightweight. They have blind and buried vias that are less in diameter. The components are closely placed that reduce the transmission loss and allow the signals to transmit at a faster rate. It is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, cameras, etc.

Besides, there are LED PCB, Aluminum PCB, High TG PCB, etc. To learn more about the PCB products we can produce, please click here.

PCB material is also an important factor that determines the quality of your PCB. There are various materials available for different types of PCBs. You need to select the right material according to your requirements. Some of the common types of materials are FR-4, Polyimide, Kapton, Rogers, etc. Here is a detailed criterion for choosing the right PCB material. For PCB prototype boards, the common material is FR-4, and most companies only provide prototypes on FR-4.

PCB can be made in single, double, and multiple layers. The layers can be more than two dozen.

  • Single Layer PCB: A single layer PCB has only one layer of metal over the base material. This metallic coating is a conductor that provides electrical paths to components.
  • Double Layer PCB: A double layer PCB has two layers of metals at different sides. It can also be called a two-sided PCB.
  • Multilayer PCB: This type of PCB has 3 or more layers of thin metal. The layers can be as many as possible and required. These are the complex PCBs.

The metallic layer that is used in PCBs is usually copper. Copper has high conductivity and good weldability. Therefore, it is mostly used. You can select the number of layers according to the types of PCB and your requirements. Usually, in PCB prototype services, the layers are less for faster delivery.

You need to know about the dimensions and the size of your PCB. All PCB prototype manufacturers have a limited size. They have a specific maximum board size that they can make. So, calculate the size of your PCB and check which manufacturer can provide that size. The maximum size also differs according to the type of PCB. While designing a PCB, make sure to utilize every space and make a small PCB. The smaller the PCB, the lesser will be the cost.

Moreover, the regular shape in PCB manufacturing is a rectangle. So, if you select any irregular shape, there will be a wastage of the board. You need to come up with a small size and available shape that requires less cost. No doubt that way does not matter a lot in a PCB prototype board because you only need a few PCBs, but it matters a lot in bulk manufacturing.

The thickness of the PCB is its width. It mostly depends on the number of layers you have selected. According to the type of PCB, there are different thickness ranges. You can discuss the thickness with your manufacturer. The thickness can be as small as 0.1mm and as large 8mm or more.

The conducting lines or traces on PCBs have a certain width. There is also spacing between two lines/traces. Every PCB manufacturer has a minimum limit of spacing and width. If the width and spacing are less, then the PCB will be compact. But it requires advanced technology and high cost to make a small PCB that has very little spacing and width. At JHY PCB, we can provide a minimum diameter and tracing of 2.5 mils. You need to tell the spacing and width of values to your PCB manufacturer.

There are via holes and drilling holes on PCBs. Both serve different purposes. There is a minimum hole diameter for different PCB types. You also need to see these values. There are various technologies for making these mechanical holes and laser. Laser drilling is an advanced technology.

Solder mask is the layer of polymer over the metallic layer of PCB. This layer is essential, and it prevents the short-circuiting of adjacent traces. It also protects the copper under it. It is usually green, but most PCB manufacturers provide several colors for solder masks. You can select white, green, blue, black, red, yellow, etc. The color of the solder mask depends on your requirements.

To improve the solderability of copper, another metallic finish is applied, which is known as surface finish. Different plating techniques include HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling), HASL Lead-free, flash gold, ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, etc. You can select the most feasible one for your prototype. The benefit of the surface finish is that it protects the copper from oxidation.

The thickness of the copper layer can also be customized. You can ask the PCB manufacturing company about it. It is measured in ounces. It can be 1oz, 2oz, etc. The thickness can even be less than 1oz and more than 30oz. You need to choose the thickness according to your project.

You might have seen printing on PCBs. This printing is known as silkscreen. You can select the color of silkscreen as you like. The standard colors are white, black, and yellow. The printing should be clear so that the user can see everything easily. The PCB prototype board will give you a complete idea of printing quality.

Uses of PCB Prototypes

Why Use a PCB Prototype?

There are various uses of PCB prototypes. Let’s discuss a few of them.

New Project

For a new project, you never know about the errors and problems. There is always room for improvement. A complex structure of multiple PCB is hard to work with. A PCB prototype board enables you to fix the issues and come up with an error-free PCB design that can make the project successful. You can evaluate the performance of your project on the PCB prototype board.

Testing of New Design or Component

Companies do amendments in existing projects to improve quality and performance. If you are in that phase, you can use the PCB prototype services. This will help you test your new design and make you sure before bulk production.

Testing Single Function Before Complex Designs

In most cases, it is hard to work with multiple boards. You cannot figure out the problem quickly. So, engineers divide single functions on PCBs and check them individually. This can be helpful in error detection. So, you can use a cheap prototype PCB for this purpose.

Low-Cost PCB Prototype Services at JHY PCB

At JHY PCB, we offer Cheap and Quick PCB Prototype Fabrication  and Fast Prototype PCB Assembly services. You can order single-sided, 2 layer, 4 layer, 6 layer, 8 layer PCB prototypes and prototype circuit board assembly at affordable rates. We can provide PCB prototypes quickly in a few days. You can also order in the minimum quantity of one PCB; we do not have a minimum order quantity.

JHY PCB is a one-stop solution to your PCB, SMT stencil, and PCBA. We are a licensed, high-quality PCB manufacturer. We can handle small-medium PCB volume manufacturing. Moreover, we have the strict quality control and safety standards that we maintain in our facility. We are compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Our customer service representatives are always ready to help you. For more information and quotes of low-cost PCB prototype manufacturing services, feel free to contact us.

Fast PCB Prototype Fabrication Service

JHYPCB is a Best Prototype PCB Manufacturer in China, providing a cheap and fast PCB prototype fabrication service.

Layerswithin 0.1 ㎡Normal delivery0.1-1㎡Normal delivery1-2㎡Normal delivery
Single-layer24H3 Days24H4 Days3 Days5 Days
48H48H4 Days
Double-layer24H4 Days2 Days5 Days3 Days7 Days
48H3 Days4 Days
72H4 Days5 Days
4 Layer2 Days6 Days3 Days7 Days4 Days8 Days
3 Days4 Days5 Days
4 Days5 Days6 Days
6 Layer3 Days7 Days4 Days8 Days5 Days10 Days
4 Days5 Days6 Days
5 Days6 Days7 Days
8 Layer3 Days9 Days4 Days10 Days6 Days11 Days
4 Days5 Days7 Days
5 Days6 Days8 Days

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Custom PCB Prototype Boards Show

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1 Layer PCB Prototype

1 Layer / Single-sided PCB Prototype

Double Sided PCB Prototype

2 Layer / Double-sided PCB Prototype

4 Layer PCB Prototype

4 Layer PCB Prototype

6 Layer PCB Prototype

6 Layer PCB Prototype

Flexible PCB Prototype

Flex / Flexible PCB Prototype

Aluminum PCB Prototype

Aluminum PCB Prototype

Metal Core PCB Prototype

Metal Core PCB Prototype

Large PCB Prototype Board

Large PCB Prototype Board

SMD PCB Prototype

SMD PCB Prototype

Round Prototype PCB Board

Round Prototype PCB Board

Gold Finger PCB Prototype

Gold Finger PCB Prototype

Blank PCB Prototype

Blank PCB Prototype


PCB prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. It is mainly used in the process of electronic engineers designing the circuit and completing the PCB Layout, then sending the Gerber and other design files to the professional PCB prototype manufacturer for small batch trial production, which is PCB prototype fabrication.

There is no limit to the quantity of PCB prototypes produced. PCB prototype manufacturing Service at JHYPCB, No MOQ, even if it is one piece, we will do our best.

Ordering PCB prototypes instead of directly entering production provides many advantages. In almost any situation involving new or updated designs, PCB prototyping proves to be beneficial. The advantages of using our PCB prototyping services include:

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Able to find defects early
  • Ability to test components individually
  • Accurately grasp standard PCB performance
  • Complete projects efficiently
  • Reduce overall cost
  • Improve the final product and design

Printed circuit boards can be seen in almost all electronic products. You can find them in consumer electronics, medical equipment, auto parts, industrial equipment, lighting technology, aerospace instruments, and other fields.

As people continue to innovate and create more new electronic devices, it is in the development of these new products that prototype PCBs play a vital role. If your project involves any of the following situations, you should consider PCB prototype manufacturing:

  • New Product
  • Quality and design testing
  • Complex components
  • Modeling

PCB designers, solution providers, hobbyist, college students, researchers, etc.

For prototype PCB manufacturing, you need a professional PCB manufacturer. JHYPCB is your best choice: we provide custom best, rapid, and low-cost PCB Prototype service, including fast turnaround PCB prototype, prototype PCB stencil, and quick turn PCB prototype assembly service in China.

Founded in 2011, the company has successively provided high-quality and cheap PCB prototype fabrication and PCB Prototype assembly customized services for China, USA, Canada, Malaysia, UK, Australia, India and other countries and regions.

You only need to provide us with Gerber and other PCB design documents and inform us of relevant information.

For more documents required for PCB and PCB assembly manufacturing, please click here.

The price of the prototype PCB is the same as the price of the standard PCB, which varies according to the number of PCB layers, PCB materials, processes, etc. However, at JHYPCB, we always promise to provide the most competitive price and quality in the industry.

If you need to order a new PCB prototype, please click here to contact us or send an email to

The manufacturing process of the prototype PCB is the same as that of the general circuit board. For details, please refer to: PCB Fabrication Process Flow Chart.

JHYPCB is the best for the price and the quality of the Prototype PCB.

We provide higher quality printed circuit board fabrication with competitive prices which are made in China for thousands of design engineers, PCB assemblers, hobbyists and students from all over the world.

PCB prototype fabrication pursues fast turnover, fast delivery, and fast verification. For single-sided, double-sided and four-layer PCBs, we can provide PCB prototype manufacturing services as fast as 24 hours. If you need urgent service, you may pay a higher price.

You should pay attention to the following aspects in PCB prototype manufacturing:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Process capability
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