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Are You Looking For a Low-cost PCB Manufacturer?

PCB prototyping is an action to check the quality and manufacturability of PCB Boards before mass production after the PCB design engineer completes the design. If you are looking for a supplier that can reliably meet PCB prototype manufacturing and low volume PCB manufacturing for you, JHYPCB is your best choice. JHYPCB is one of the high-quality PCB manufacturers and cheap PCB suppliers in China, specializing in low-cost PCB prototype fabrication and assembly services. It has provided design engineers, circuit board assemblers, researchers, college students, and amateurs all over the world—nearly ten years of cheap PCB prototype production services.

What differentiates us from other low-cost PCB manufacturers is:

  1. We provide higher quality and more reliable printed circuit boards that are made in China;
  2. Quick turn PCB fabrication service;
  3. From PCB prototype to mass manufacturing service;
  4. From simple to tricky multi-layer PCB fabrication services;
  5. Timely and fast quotation service;
  6. Perfect customer service;
  7. Design for manufacturability inspection service.

Low Cost PCB Fabricaiton
Low cost 2 Layer PCB Prototype

Low Cost 2 Layer PCB Prototype

Looking for a low-cost PCB prototype manufacturer? JHYPCB is your best choise. Single-sided or double-sided PCB prototype manufacturing can be delivered within 24 hours as soon as possible.

Low Cost 4 Layer Prototype PCB

Low Cost 4 Layer PCB Prototype

4-layer, 6-layer, and 8-layer circuit boards are three common types of multilayer circuit boards. JHYPCB provides high-precision and low-cost multi-layer printed circuit board prototype manufacturing and mass production services.

Low Cost PCB Assembly

Low-Cost PCB Assembly services

JHYPCB provides low-cost printed circuit board prototype assembly, small-batch PCB assembly, low-cost PCB manufacturing, and small-batch PCB fabrication services in China to customers all over the world.

How To Get Cheap PCB Manufacturing Services?

Please send us your PCB design files (Gerber RS-274X format acceptable) via our online form or email. Once your files are received, our team of pre-qualification engineers and process engineers will send you an accurate and timely quote. In the quotation, we will provide the lead time and the PCB manufacturing price you are satisfied with.

Not only do we provide you with low-cost PCB manufacturing services, but the PCBs we provide will meet our stringent testing and quality inspection standards.

We don’t just provide “cheap PCBs“; we also provide you with low-cost PCBs that meet your requirements and IPC standards.

Everything You Should Know About Low-Cost PCBs Manufacturing

1. Low-cost PCB Design and Layout is the First Step

Innovative technologies in the PCB design field have been focused on reducing development costs and shortening development time, accelerating the design cycle, and achieving rapid PCB prototyping and assembly; however, the PCB layout has always remained the same, and the only changes are the different components and components used. Product performance improvement.

In the face of fierce competition, shortening the product design cycle is crucial for engineers and managers. One of the most concerning issues for many companies is: How can engineers obtain development tools that can shorten the time to market and reduce design costs, to cope with increasingly complex PCB designs. The design cycle has a tremendous decisive effect on the time when a product is put on the market.

CadSoftEAGLE has been providing global PCB design engineers with the same core functions as expensive commercial PCB design software at low prices. As a manufacturer with extensive experience in providing customers with low-cost PCB manufacturing and assembly services, we recommend that you reduce PCB costs from the beginning of PCB design and layout.

PCB Design and Layout

2. Low-cost PCB Prototype Services Originate from Our PCB Factory

We are a real PCB manufacturer, which saves the cost of outsourcing services and reduces intermediate links. The price will naturally be lower than that of traders, and the product quality can be more guaranteed. At the same time, we maintain a strong relationship with PCB material suppliers. The reliable connection provides our customers with a variety of PCB board options, and the large-volume PCB material purchase makes the price more competitive and more favorable. Therefore, customers can place orders at the lowest and most favorable price.

3. Low-cost PCB Boards Does Not Mean Low Quality At All

We can provide you with high-quality printed circuit boards, not only at low prices but also meet our strict testing and quality standards to meet your board quality requirements. Each printed circuit board undergoes rigorous testing (flying probe test, etc.) before leaving the factory. If you are not satisfied with our cheap PCB manufacturing services, we can quickly resolve any problems in manufacturing capabilities and try our best to meet all your requirements. We not only provide you with “cheap PCB” and “fast PCB” but also provide you with the highest quality cheap PCB!

Low-cost High Quality PCB

Low-cost High quality PCB

Low-cost PCB Fabrication

Low-cost PCB Fabrication

4. Adopt Advanced Manufacturing Technology to Reduce the Production Cost of Circuit Board

The circuit board is a carrier of electronic components with very high precision requirements, and the production of PCB will also go through many processes. The research and development cost of new products may be very high, which is why PCBELEC.COM continuously upgrades production equipment and improves production processes to keep PCB costs low. We aggregate small orders from customers from all over the world at the same time on the same day, and we combine them, using the form of PANELIZE to make production possible while maintaining a low cost and guaranteeing the delivery time we promised.

The low cost PCBs is also crucial for manufacturers, especially when prototyping PCBs. If you want to survive in a highly competitive market environment, you must ensure that your prices are low and the most reasonable, but at the same time, you must also provide the quality of customers’ products and the needs of fast turnover.

5. We Provide Higher Quality PCB Boards With Low-Cost Which Are Made in China.

China is a manufacturing country with adequate infrastructure and complete supporting facilities for the PCB industry. A large number of professional and professional technical workers for the production of products to provide a strong guarantee. China’s labor cost is also much lower than that of other countries in the world. For example, it is half or even lower than that of some Western countries (such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, etc.), which is also one of the reasons why the low cost of our PCB is possible.

6. Low-cost Single Sided, 2 Layer, 4 Layer PCB Prototype to Complex Multilayered PCBs!

Whether you need a simple single layer and double-sided PCB or highly complex multi-layer PCB, such as HDI PCB, impedance control PCB, feel free to contact us.

We have the capabilities to handle anything to meet your demands. We provide inexpensive printed circuit boards that have simple single-layer to complex multi-layers (up to 30 layers), with high tolerances and more. Get complex quick turn PCBs at the lowest cost with the highest quality. We are the right choice.

7. Strong Technical and Engineering Support

At JHYPCB, we employ dozens of experienced PCB engineers to provide professional services. They will give you valuable advice on PCB design and manufacturing, solve engineering problems in the PCB prototype manufacturing process, reduce your cost, and provide you with high-quality products at the lowest price.

8. Special Discounts

We offer a special discount for research institutions, students, and hobbyists who can’t afford to pay a lot of money, which they can enjoy when they place an order at PCBELEC.COM.

9. We Also Provide Low-cost Low Volume PCB Assembly Service

Now, you already know that we are a professional low-cost PCB fabricator. We also provide a low-cost PCB Assembly service.

Low Volume PCB Assembly Service provides assistance to engineers or new projects for final testing. We offer no minimum order, which means you can get one assembly at a minimum.

10. Get a Low-cost PCB Fabrication Quote Quickly.

Quickly get the quotation for small-batch PCB prototype manufacturing from reliable, high-quality service partners, and send GERBER and other documents to us by email sales@pcbjhy.com; our customer service will reply to you within 24 hours.

How To Reduce PCB Manufacturing Costs?

To obtain low-cost PCB manufacturing services, you may inquire from numerous PCB manufacturers and hope that they can provide you with low-cost and high-quality PCBs. Many factors affect the price of PCB manufacturing. As an experienced PCB manufacturer, we recommend that you take the following measures to reduce PCB manufacturing expenses.

  1. Reduce PCB size
  2. Allow a longer lead time
  3. Reduce the difficulty of PCB manufacturing
  4. Reduce unnecessary layers
  5. Choose the suitable PCB manufacturing material
  6. 1.6mm is the standard PCB thickness. For every 0.4mm increase in PCB thickness, the PCB manufacturing cost will increase by about 15%.
  7. Solder mask and character color
  8. Surface finish process
  9. Circuit Board Panelization

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