PCBA PCB Assembly Processing Capabilities

Our electronic printed circuit board assembly service could support our customers from prototype PCB assembly to big volume PCB assembly production. As a PCB assembly manufacturer, we aim to provide the highest possible quality electronic board assembly service at affordable prices in a quick lead time.

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NO. Items PCBA PCB Assembly Processing Capabilities
1 Deliver Ability / Lead Time Regular Prototype PCB Assembly (Less than 100 pcs): 24 hours
Low Volume PCBA Services (100-1000 pcs): 72   hours
Mid and High Volume PCBA(1000-10000+pcs): 3-5 Days, 5000 pcs per day Or According to Customer Demand in Accordance with the Agreed Quantity of Delivery
①, Product Delivery Pass Rate:≥99%;
②, Product Delivery Time Starts Counting After Confirmation of Documents and Materials.
2 PCB Types Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB
Rigid-flex PCB
single-sided PCB
Double-sided PCB
Multilayer PCB
3 PCB Specification PCB Boards Smaller Than 30mm Need to be Panelized.
PCB Size: 50*50mm – 774*710mm
PCB Thickness: 0.3-6.5mm
Material: Rigid | Metal Core | FPC
Surface Finish: Lead / Lead-free HASL | ENIG | Immersion Silver | Immersion Tin | Immersion Gold | OSP | Plating Gold | Golden finger | OSP
4 PCB Shape Any
5 Quantity From Prototype to Big Volume, No MOQ
6 Quality Grade IPC Class 2 | IPC Class 3
7 Capacity SMT SMD 5 Million Points / day, Plug-in Welding 500,000 Points / day, 50-100 Models / day
8 Special and Free Services Free PCB Stencil
Free DFM and DFA Check
Free Tips to Reduce Assembly Cost (components cost-down, alternative recommendation, etc.)
Free PCB Panelization Service
Free Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)
Electrical Test (including flying probe test)   And Custom Test Requirements
First Article Inspection
Expedited PCBA Manufacturing Service
9 Assembly Services Types Fast Prototype PCB Assembly Service
Quick Turn PCB Assembly
Low Volume PCB Assembly
Mid Volume PCB Assembly
High Volume PCB Assembly
Turnkey PCB Assembly
Consignment PCB Assembly
LED PCB Assembly
Low Cost PCB Assembly
Lead Free PCB Assembly
Surface Mounted Technology PCB Assembly(SMT)
Double In-line Package (DIP)
Through-Hole Technology PCB Assembly (THT)
BGA PCB Assembly
Mixed Technology PCB Assembly
10 SMT Line 8   Lines
11 Throwing Rate Resistivity to Capacitance 0.3% | IC type without Throwing
12 Small Chips Size 0201
13 Wave Soldering Yes
14 IC Burning & Programming Yes
15 Solder Paste /Tin Wire / Tin Bar We provide customers with lead-free and lead-free (RoHS compliant) patch processing services. At the same time, we can also according to customer requirements, to provide different metal content of solder paste welding custom service.
16 PCBA Welding Type We offer PCBA soldering services for Surface Mount (SMT), Plug-in post Soldering (THT) or both. Of course, double-sided patching is the most basic capability.
17 Parts Procurement Full Turnkey (we provide all components)
Partial Turnkey (Customer provide the main components and we provide the rest)
Kitted (Customer provide all components)
18 Component Types SMT 0201 or larger
BGA 0.3mm pitch
QFP 0.3mm pitch
BGA X-ray inspected
Cable & wire
Conformal coating
19 SMT Parts Presentation Bulk
Cut tape
Partial reel
20 SMT Components Package Type SOP | SOT | QFN | QFP | BGA | Bonding…
21 Odd Parts:

Resistor and capacitor networks
Electrolytic capacitors
Variable resistors and capacitors (pots)
Yes, But Only Sssembly by Hand
22 Solder Types Lead-free: RoHS Compliant
23 Stencils Laser-cut Stainless Steel
24 Files Required For PCBA Bill of materials / components (BOM, BOM file in excel format for components sourcing and PCB assembly. It should include the basic information for each component: Reference Designators, Quantity, Manufacturer Part Number, Description, etc.), PCB (Gerber files and most PCB design format files), coordinate files)
25 Miscellaneous IC programming | Custom Testing | Free DFM Checking | ICT | FCT
26 Inspection Visual | X-ray analysis | 20X Microscope | Function | Fixture | AOI
27 Test Services Before delivery, we will apply various test methods to the PCBA that has been placed or already installed:
IQC: incoming inspection;
IPQC: inspection during production;
Visual QC: routine quality inspection;
AOI: check the soldering effect of the solder paste, the chip component, the number of components or the polarity of the component;
X-Ray: check high-precision hidden PAD components such as BGA, QFN;
Functional test: According to customer’s test procedures and steps, test functions and performance to ensure compliance with requirements。
Aging test: According to customer’s test procedures and steps, test functions and performance to ensure compliance with requirements。
28 Rework BGA Removal and replacement station
SMT IR rework station
Thru-hole rework station
29 Certificates ISO9001 | IATF16949
Automatic solder paste printer
SMT High-speed mounter
Reflow soldering
PCBA Services
PCBA Production
PCBA Production
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