PCB Fabrication Process Flow Chart

What are the PCB manufacturing process steps?
How to build a multilayer and double-sided printed circuit board?
25 steps to manufacture a printed circuit board.

Printed Circuit Board

PCB, or printed circuit board, is an important electronic part and the support body of electronic components. Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called “printed” circuit board.

Electronic products in the production process, there will be a printed circuit board production process. Printed circuit boards are used in electronic products in all industries. It is an electronic schematic diagram can realize the design function of the carrier, let the design into physical products.

PCB production is a highly professional and complex process. Not only involves advanced production equipment, advanced production process, but also needs professional engineering and technical personnel and excellent production management system.

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PCB Fabrication Process Flow Chart

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Detailed schematic diagram of PCB manufacturing process

The following is an example of the production of a typical multi-layer PCB circuit board.

1, Preparation and process before PCB production

Preparation and process before PCB production

2, Multilayer PCB inner layer manufacturing process

Multilayer PCB inner layer Production flow chart

2.1, PCB Materials and Cut Laminate

Copper Coated Laminate-CCL

2.2, Inner Layer Image Transfer-Paste Film

Inner layer image transfer-paste film
Thin Core Paste Film

2.3, Inner layer image transfer—Exposure

Inner layer image transfer-Exposure

2.4, Inner layer image transfer—Developing

Inner layer image transfer-Developing

2.5, Inner layer image transfer—Etching

Inner layer image transfer-Etching

2.6, Inner layer image transfer—Stripping

Inner layer image transfer-Stripping

2.7, Laminating-Stack up

Laminating-Stack up
Laminating-Stack up

2.8, Laminating - Lamination

Laminating - Lamination
Laminating - Lamination

2.9, Drilling


2.10, 5.PTH(Plate Through Hole)

5.PTH(Plate Through Hole)
PTH(Plate Through Hole)

3, Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Outer-layer Manufacturing Process

outer-layer manufacturing process flow chart

3.1, Outer-layer Image Transfer - Paste Film

Outer layer image transfer-Paste film
Outer layer image transfer-Paste film

3.2, Outer Layer Image Transfer—Exposure

Outer Layer Image Transfer—Exposure

3.3, Outer Layer Image Transfer—Developing

Outer Layer Image Transfer-Developing
Outer Layer Image Transfer-Developing

3.4, Pattern Plating-Copper plating+Tin plating

3.5, Outer Layer Etching-Stripping

8.Outer layer etching-Stripping
8.Outer layer etching-Stripping

3.6, Outer Layer Etching-Etching

3.7, Outer Layer Etching-Tin Stripping

Outer layer etching-Tin stripping
Outer layer etching-Tin stripping

3.8, Solder Mask

Solder mask
Solder mask

3.9, Surface Finish

Surface treatment process includes: OSP|HASL|HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF)|Immersion Silver|Immersion Tin|Plated Gold|Immersion Gold(ENIG)|ENEPIG|Golden Finger+HASL|ENIG+OSP|ENIG+Golden Finger|OSP+Golden Finger, etc.

Surface finish

4, External View and Molding Process Flow Path

External view and molding process flow path

5, Summary

1) Inner Layer
> Chemical Clean
> Cut Sheet Dry Film Lamination
> Image Expose
> Image Develop
> Copper Etch
> Strip Resist
> Post Etch Punch
> AOI Inspection AOI
> Oxide
> Layup
> Vacuum Lamination Press

2) CNC Drilling
> CNC Drilling

3) Outer Layer
> Deburr
> Etch back – Desmear
> Electroless Copper
> Cut Sheet Dry Film Lamination
> Image Expose
> Image Develop

4) Plating
> Image Develop
> Copper Pattern Electro Plating
> Tin Pattern Electro Plating
> Strip Resist
> Copper Etch
> Strip Tin

5) Solder Mask
> Surface prep
> LPI coating side 1
> Tack Dry
> LPI coating side 2
> Tack Dry
> Image Expose
> Image Develop
> Thermal Cure Soldermask

6) Surface finish
> HASL, Silver, OSP, ENIG, etc.
> Tab Gold if any
> Legend

7) Profile
> NC Routing or punch

8) ET Testing, continuity and isolation

9) QC Inspection
> Ionics
> 100% Visual Inspection
> Audit Sample Mechanical Inspection
> Pack & Shipping

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