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There’s little doubt that printed circuit boards have become the most preferred way to connect electronic components and make them work together to achieve a common goal. That is the current trend in the electronics industry. Consequently, this has resulted in a rise in PCB assembly service providers and demands, with most of the providers offering low-cost as one of many incentives.

However, the overall manufacturing cost of electronic products has increased due to the substantial increase in the cost of materials used for PCB manufacturing. PCB manufacturers and PCB assembly service providers adopt various techniques to reduce PCB assembly costs while maintaining high-quality standards.

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The truth is that some of these so-called companies or manufacturers are not to be trusted. Some will only make life miserable after you make an advance payment. Therefore, to find the best low-cost PCB assembly service providers, use the following tips.

Low-Cost Indeed

Some companies’ claims to offer low-cost Prototype PCB assembly services are anything but true. They only say that to woo their customers and make themselves noticed in the market. On the other hand, some companies offer incredibly cheap services; you should only be concerned with such a company. Compare as many offers as possible to see which will suit your budget. Also, check to ensure there are no hidden costs for such transactions before committing.

Ordering Process Should Be Simple

An easy quote or ordering process cannot be overemphasized in this regard. It’s also one of the things you should consider. No matter how cheap a Turnkey PCB assembly service provider is, it won’t do any good when you can hardly get the quote and place an order.

In JHY, you just need to upload the BOM online and tell us the quantity you need, and we will provide you with an accurate quotation within 24 hours.

Consider Shipping Cost

Do not fall for the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous PCB assembly service manufacturers have only tricked their customers into doing business with them, only to tell them to pay huge fees before their orders can be shipped.

Please, search for a company that can ship your orders to you at a minimal cost. In addition, they should also have other delivery methods you can choose from. That way, you can easily select a delivery method you are comfortable with. Your preferred company should also be able to ship your order to you in any part of the world.


Compromising quality all in the name of reduced cost, which is what some manufacturers are offering in this regard, is no different from shooting yourself in the foot. Besides low-cost services, your preferred company should be able to guarantee excellent board finishing. The precision for internal cuts should be near perfect; copper tracks should adhere to the design; holes need to be correctly centered, while after finishing, plates should be devoid of any paste or solder. Just because a company offers low costs is not an excuse to deliver circuit boards below international standards.

Manufacturers that offer PCB assembly services are numerous in the market today. There are so many that you won’t know which one to choose. If you lack the energy and time to start looking for a reputable manufacturer, you can turn to us. We offer the best services for a reasonable price, a fast turnaround, and excellent service.

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Low-cost assembly service capability of JHYPCB

The JHYPCB team understands the importance of quality and cost management. When it comes to low-cost PCB assembly, JHYPCB is your trusted partner. JHYPCB’s expertise can provide competitive low-cost PCB manufacturing and assembly services.

We have a team of professional PCB manufacturing and assembly process engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in low-cost PCB manufacturing and assembly, including PCB manufacturing material selection, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), PCB layout, etc. panelized production.

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How to reduce PCB assembly costs?

Generally, PCB manufacturing or assembly will cost more in America or Europe. However, if you place a PCB fabrication and assembly order from an Asian company, you will most likely get a fair deal. To be precise, if you find a Chinese PCB manufacturer and supplier willing to assemble your PCB, go for it; it will save you tons of money.

Additionally, purchasing PCB manufacturing or assembly service from a local manufacturer will save on shipping costs. Moreover, if you can easily access your PCB supplier, you can easily follow up on the PCB assembly process’s progress. And you can also negotiate the assembly price to get a price that suits your needs. However, it would be best if you compared the prices of different local PCB manufacturers before settling on one.

JHY can help you Generate Affordable PCB via Low-Cost PCB Assembly.

  1. Reduce the difficulty of PCB manufacturing
  2. Reduce the number of PCB layers
  3. Reduce PCB size and avoid special-shaped boards
  4. Reduce hole size and number
  5. Provide accurate and complete BOM
  6. Leverage PCB Assembler’s Component Sourcing Services
  7. Choose the most suitable PCBA inspection and testing method
  8. Arrange the order time reasonably

China PCB Service

Cheap PCB Fabrication Services

The cost of PCB manufacturing has increased significantly, and PCB manufacturers have begun to use specialized specialty substrates to manufacture PCBs to meet application requirements in various industries. Maintaining high-quality standard products and minimizing costs in the context of increasing PCB manufacturing costs are the top priorities of manufacturers who provide low-cost PCB manufacturing services.

JHY is a leading low-cost PCB manufacturer in China; in addition to providing low-cost PCB assembly services, we also employ various methods to reduce the cost in order to offer low-cost PCB prototypes and mass production services.

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