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Rapid PCB Manufacturing services

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JHYPCB, a top PCB manufacturer in China, Offers 7×24 hours one-stop PCB Board manufacturing Services for your PCB designs from Prototype PCB to all types of small-medium volume PCB.

To learn more about JHYPCB Manufacturing Company, please contact us via the contact form below or sales@pcbjhy.com for more information on PCB prototype fabrication and small and medium batch production services.

Our PCB Service can produce single Layer, double-sided, and multilayer printed circuit boards with Advanced and automatic Production Equipment at a very reasonable price.

Read more about our PCB factory introduction, manufacturing process, and capabilities.

No MOQ! Quantities from just one piece PCB prototyping to larger manufacture, with all PCB boards produced to our high quality and high precision standards with ultrafast.

When you cooperate with JHYPCB, you will get and experience a 100% quality guarantee, quick delivery time, affordable price, and best service.

For more details of PCB products customized by our company, please visit our other website.

Prototype PCB Manufacturing
Prototype PCB
single layer PCB
single layer PCB
Double-sided PCB
Double-sided PCB
Multilayer PCB Board
Multilayer PCB
Aluminum PCB Circuit Board
Aluminum PCB
Metal core PCB
Metal core PCB
Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
Rigid-Flex PCB
Gold Finger PCB
Gold Finger PCB
High Density Interconnector PCB
Impedance Control PCB
Impedance Control PCB
Thick Copper PCB
Heavy Copper PCB
Copper Based PCB Board
Copper Based PCB
High Frequency PCB
High-frequency PCB
PCB Antenna
PCB Antenna
PCB Manufacturing cost

How to reduce your PCB manufacturing cost

Many factors affect the cost of PCB manufacturing, including:

  • The number of layers: The more layers in your PCB board, The higher the cost.
  • size and shape: The larger the board, the more expensive it will be. Shape can be a key factor as well. Of course, we can customize various shapes of circuit boards.
  • The size and quantity of holes: It involving the difficulty of the manufacturing process. Smaller holes require the use of more precise machinery and possibly additional chemical processing, increasing the price as a result.
  • PCB material: Choosing different PCB materials or brands will also cause different costs. Before the PCB starts production, we will also give reasonable suggestions to control the cost increase.
  • The Thickness of Copper: Where possible, try to keep copper to ½” thickness and PCB’s to 1/16″ thickness.
  • Whether there is impedance, whether it is HDI board or BGA board, etc.

Although there are so many factors that affect the cost of PCBs, we can still take corresponding measures to reduce their costs in all aspects of manufacturing.

1、DFM inspection. PCB manufacturers can accomplish this task well. We provide free DFM inspection services. The benefit of DFM inspection is to prevent errors and reduce costs in the first place.

2、Use the PCB prototyping service. Before mass production, a small part of the prototype is produced and assembled, and a series of functional tests are performed. The advantage of this work is that potential problems can be discovered before mass production so that the design can be modified in time.

3、Using panelization to reduce PCB fabrication cost

At present, PCB manufacturing plants generally use panelization to reduce material costs. PCB board panelization with identical specs are grouped together in a panel. The more boards in the panel, the less the amount of material wasted. The more orders per panel, the larger the spread of the tooling cost.

Sometimes PCB boards of different specifications can also use the panelization process. This mainly depends on the technical level of factory PCB engineers. Moreover, this is also more suitable for Small amount and multi-spec PCB orders.

4、Choosing professional and cheap PCB manufacturers is the most important

Almost all PCB assembly services providers declare to provide cost-effective service, but not all of them offer what they claimed.

How can we choose the right supplier?

You can comprehensively consider the following factors: factory location, factory equipment, process capability, factory size, qualification certificate, etc.

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