Custom Circuit Board Printing

Custom Circuit Board Printing and Assembly Services

JHYPCB is one of the largest custom PCB manufacturers in China. We understand the need for custom circuit boards, as these are the basis of product improvement and innovation. Sometimes, the project needs something different and exceptional, so you need 100% customized PCBs. We are fully capable of creating any custom PCBs according to your requirements. We do things every day that others can’t. You can contact us with your custom circuit board requirements, and we will ensure the best performance, high-quality, and on-time delivery.

Custom Circuit Board Printing
Custom Circuit Board Printing

Why Do You Need a Custom Circuit Board?

When beginners talk about making a simple circuit, they always talk about PCB breadboards. But the PCB breadboard is not long-lasting, and you can see the wires lying around your circuit. Any wire can be disconnected at any time. So, for a permanent project or circuit, you need a board that is reliable and long-lasting. Moreover, when there is no custom circuit board, the circuit looks like a complete mess. The wires around it take more space and offer less reliability.

Fortunately, you can solve all these problems using a custom circuit board (PCB). A PCB is quite compact as there are no wires to connect the components, and it is more reliable than an open circuit. No matter how complex your circuit is, the PCB can accommodate everything in a little space while ensuring long life, durability, cleanliness, and reliability.

Although people consider it very difficult to design and fabricate a PCB, it is not that difficult. You might face some design issues or revisions, but in the end, you will have something more useful and beneficial. At JHYPCB, we make the process of custom PCB boards simple and easy. We stand behind our customers and help them achieve what they are looking for. We can help them to find the errors and make revisions without any hassle.

Custom Circuit Board
Custom Circuit Board

Why PCB Manufacturers?

Custom printed PCB manufacturers are professionals that know how to build a custom circuit board. The reason you need to go to PCB manufacturers is that they are quick and perfect in their work. Even multi-layer PCBs are easy for them to make. They have the latest technology in their facilities that can handle any type of custom PCB you are looking for.

Some people think about creating a simple PCB at home through primitive methods. However, it is neither reliable nor long-lasting. You can only make a single or double-layer PCB with no surface finish and other advanced technologies. There is no comparison between a homemade PCB or a custom PCB made by manufacturers. The PCB created by professionals involves the latest technology, whether you talk about drilling, surface finish, lamination, or anything else.

PCB design, fabrication, assembly, and testing are done under supervision. With PCB manufacturers, there is nothing to worry about the working of the circuit as long as your schematic is correct. Custom printed PCB manufacturers have excellent PCB fabrication capabilities and can make your complex custom circuit board with ease.

JHYPCB has offered more ease to the customers. You can even order one PCB, so beginners, startups, and new companies can take benefits from this facility. You can order one PCB prototype and then check its functionality. We offer quick-turn custom PCB printing services; therefore, you can have multiple revisions in a short time. We are ready to deal with any complex custom circuit board as our experts know how to deal with these PCBs. We take complex PCBs as a challenge, and our experts ensure the best performance of the PCBs.

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturer
Custom Circuit Board Manufacturer

Custom PCB Board Assembly

Often customers need a complete PCB assembly rather than a bare board. The component mounting that is done without the help of PCB manufacturers has reliability issues, and it is not as accurate and perfect as done by machines. It also requires a lot of time because people mount the components manually.

PCB Assembly service providers, like JHYPCB, have completely automated machines that take care of everything. From component procurement to the final PCB testing, everything is done under one roof and in a strict quality management system. The components are obtained from reliable vendors, and if any component is unavailable, it is replaced by a similar component on the demand of the customer.

The most important thing in custom PCB assembly is DFM checking. Usually, designers do not understand the nitty-gritty of the manufacturing process. Therefore, there can be different issues that can delay the final delivery. But DFM checking makes everything perfect. The experts check the PCB design and ensure everything is according to the manufacturing process. If there are errors and issues in the design, the experts propose a better solution. Thus, timely delivery is ensured. At JHYPCB, we offer DFM checking for free.

We have fully automated machines to place the components on the board and solder them through modern processes. SMD or through-hole components can be placed and soldered quickly. Another important thing after creating PCB assembly is testing. At JHYPCB, we offer all the latest testing technologies, including AOI and X-ray inspection. Therefore, the final PCB assemblies have no errors.

JHYPCB is capable of creating any type of custom PCB assembly, including rigid-flex PCB, flexible PCB, aluminum PCB, High-Tg PCB, high-frequency PCB, and HDI PCB. Everything is available under one roof.

Custom Circuit Board Assembly

Custom PCB Board and Assembly Cost

The cost of a Custom PCB board depends on various factors. Every customer requires a certain PCB size, number of layers, copper thickness, surface finish, drilling technology, impedance control, and many other things. All these factors affect the price of the final PCB. The same is the case with PCB assembly. The technology, components, testing, and everything represent the final cost. However, you don’t need to worry about anything as we can provide a quote according to your requirements. You only need to contact us and provide the relevant details. Our customer services team will give you a reasonable quote.

We offer the lowest price in the industry, as JHYPCB is a large facility, and everything is done under one roof. Our state-of-the-art and modern equipment make the process fast and more reliable. We deal with small-large volume orders without any minimum order restriction. You can buy any PCB or PCBA at the cheapest rates.

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