The Best and Fastest PCB Manufacturer In China

JHYPCB is aiming to be the best PCB manufacturer in China and the world

Will you be anxious to order PCBs?
Is it at this time that you cannot find a quick-turn PCB manufacturer?
Don’t be worried!
PCBELEC.COM can solve this problem for you.

The Fastest PCB Manufacturer in China

First of all, JHYPCB has a strong sales team and a PCB engineer team. As long as your PCB Gerber and other documents are sent to us by email or online file transfer, our sales staff and engineers will respond quickly and will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time.

Once the production documents are confirmed to be correct, we will put them into production as soon as possible.

In PCBELEC.COM, we have the quickest PCB manufacturing that PCB prototyping can be finished within 24h. In addition to manufacturing fast, another feature of a quick PCB manufacturer is delivering fast. Under normal circumstances, JHYPCB will be completed within 24 hours of delivery work.

The Best and Fastest PCB Manufacturer In China

JHYPCB has been committed to providing the quickest PCB manufacturer. If you want to receive your PCB boards quickly, then, submit your order to JHYPCB right now.

JHYPCB is aiming to be the best PCB manufacturer in China and the world

The best PCB manufacturers are located in Asia. Asia has become the world’s leading PCB market, and China occupies the central position. That’s to say, customers can find many best PCB manufacturers in China.

Since the introduction of foreign investment and advanced equipments, the PCB manufacturers in China have the chance to improve their PCB production, which results in a rapid development of PCB manufacturing. Besides, the rise of domestic electrical industries, especially in Shenzhen and Kunshan, has accelerated the evolution of PCB. The best PCB manufacturers in China are gathered in Shenzhen and Kunshan, forming a mature PCB production chain.

JHYPCB is located in Shenzhen, the forefront of China’s reform and opening up. Comparing with other PCB manufacturers around the world, JHYPCB is working with the world’s major PCB material suppliers. we’re able to offer more choices for customers, choices for PCB prototype or small volume production, choices for price, quality or delivery and so on. In addition, we are always at your service and technical support. We aim to be one of the best PCB manufacturers, not only in China, but also in the world.

The Best PCB Manufacturer in China and the World

Contract Manufacturing Services in China

JHY is a known, professional, and reliable Electronics Contract Manufacturer (ECM) in China. Customers in various technologically advanced markets trust our full-featured PCB services covering bare PCB manufacturing, assembly, components sourcing, programming to functional testing. Our one-stop PCB solutions can remove your risk and save you energy, time, and cost.

PCB Manufacturing In China

PCB Fabrication Service

  • Process Capabilities: Rigid, Flex, Rigid-flex, IMS PCB Board
  • PCB Layers: up to 64 layers rigid board, up to 10 layers flexible PCB
  • Via Hole: Through-hole, Blind and Burid holes & Microvia
  • Quality: IPC Class 2|PC Class 3
  • CCL Material: FR-4, PTFE, PI, Metal core (Copper, Aluminum)
  • Max Board Size: rigid board 609 * 889 mm
  • Surface finish: OSP|HASL|HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF)|Immersion Silver|Immersion Tin|Plated Gold|Immersion Gold(ENIG)|ENEPIG
PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

  • Technology: Surface Mounting Technology, Through Hole Technology (DIP), Manual Soldering, Mixed Assembly Technology
  • Types: Single- and Double-Sided Assembly
  • Assembly process: Tin lead-free, Tin-lead
  • Components: Turnkey, Kitted, Partial Turnkey
  • PCB Shape: Any
  • Quantity: From Prototype to High-Volume
  • Small Chips Size: 0201
  • Testing: Visual, X-ray, AOI, Function, IC Burning & Programming
One-stop Solution PCB Fabricaiton and PCBA Services

One-Stop Solution for PCB & Prototype Assembly Service

JHY offers a high-quality one-stop solution, including PCB manufacturing, components sourcing & PCB assembly service, etc. Our company advantages are High quality, Quick Turnaround, Strong Supply Chain, Quick response, and Professional team services.

What makes Chinese PCB manufacturers different from other countries?

In the field of PCB manufacturing, Asia plays an important role, accounting for about 90% of the total output of the PCB field. Among so many countries in Asia, China has contributed the most in the high proportion of PCB output, accounting for nearly 50% of the entire PCB industry output. Therefore, most people may wonder what makes Chinese PCB manufacturers different from other countries and famous in the world. You can get the answer from the following words.

Chinese PCB Manufacturer Different from Other countries

PCB Prototype Manufacturing

Because PCB prototype manufacturing is expensive in the PCB manufacturing factories if you just need some samples rather than bulk production. In order to help customers solve this problem, Chinese PCB manufactures divided into two kinds, one is just for PCB prototyping and another concentrate on bulk production of PCB, which helped customer to choose the suitable one they need and save their money.

Low Cost PCB Manufacturing

“Made in China” has been welcomed all over the world for a long time because of its competitive price and good quality. Maybe you will ask why products produced in China are with low cost. The answer is rich resources and numerous labors in China. Thus, low cost became another advantage of Chinese PCB manufacturers to compete in the world.

Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing

With the development of technology, the competition between companies became fiercer, especially in the electronics corporation, and then being fast is very important. Having realized the importance of quickness, Chinese PCB manufacturers explored the quick turn PCB manufacturing way to help their customers to save time and also win more customers because of their quickness.

Professional prototype factory, low cost PCB manufacturing and quick turn PCB manufacturing results in the success of Chinese PCB factory and helped them remain invincible in the world.

Top Raw Material Suppliers

Why JHYPCB can provide you with good-quality PCB boards? You must know PCB raw material is the most basic material in the production process of PCB board. Thus, the quality of the raw material directly determines the quality of the PCB board.

In order to make sure the quality of PCB manufacturer, JHYPCB has established long-term strategic cooperation with top raw material suppliers like ROGERS, TACONIC, ARLON, ISOLA, Bergquist, Shengyi and ITEQ. It ensures that purchasers can buy high quality PCBs on

JHYPCB always will be the first to provide customers with good-quality PCB board. Thus, we will continue to work with more top raw material manufacturers. If you are looking forward to finding good PCB manufacturer, I hope JHYPCB is the best choice for you.

Excellent Manufacturing Capabilities and Quick Delivery

PCBELEC.COM is equipped with advanced machines and software from other developed countries. Thus they are competent to provide 24 hours expedited service for 2-layer PCBs, 2-4 days for multilayer PCBs. Besides, they also focus on manufacturing various products: hybrid PCB circuit boards, HDI printed circuit boards, High TG PCB boards, High Frequency PCB boards, etc. Of course, you might have your own requirements on PCB, you can tell us anytime, we’re at your service 24 hours each day and trying our best to satisfy you.

Provided that you would like to learn more about China PCB manufacturer online, you’re most welcomed to contact us through

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