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Internal Flow of PCB Prototype Assembly

JHYPCB is known for fast, professional, and high-quality prototype PCB assembly services. Companies worldwide trust us to help them create a low volume for their prototypes and small production runs.

There are two kinds of assembly technologies prevailing in the modern PCB assembly industry:

Surface Mount Technology (SMT): Sensitive components, some very small, such as resistors or diodes, are placed automatically onto the surface of the circuit board. This is called SMD assembly for surface mount devices. Surface mount technology can be applied to small-size components and integrated circuits (ICs). For example, PCBCart is capable of mounting packages with min. Size 01005, which is even smaller than the size of a pencil point.

Thru-Hole Technology (THT): works well on components with leads or wires that must be mounted on board by plugging them through holes. The extra lead part has to be soldered on the other side of the board. This technology is applied to PCB assemblies containing significant components such as capacitors and coils to be assembled.

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1. Confirm the PCB Assembly Prototype Business Contract

The process of the PCB assembly prototype starts from the contract. The buyer needs to contact and place the order. He can discuss the requirements and other details with us. It’s important to convey all the information so that the final PCBA is as desired. The buyer sends the important files, including Gerber files, BOM, centroid data, assembly drawings, etc.

According to the PCB requirements, there can be a negotiation for the delivery time and price. It all happens at the first stage. Finally, an order is placed.

2. DFM Inspection

Once the order is placed, it’s time to evaluate design data. DFM (Design for Manufacturability) inspection is essential, which is carried out by our experts and professionals. This is an important step, which detects the problems and errors if any. It helps to identify the errors in the initial step so that the process can be carried out smoothly. The files sent by the buyer are checked and analyzed by the experts. If there is any problem, it is rectified after consulting the buyer. It reduces delays in the final delivery. Often there are extra things that need to be omitted to make the process feasible. Our experts take care of everything and make the process feasible and quick.

3. Component procurement

For PCBA, components are required. The components are purchased from different vendors according to the BOM file. The buyer needs to provide the file and all the details for the ease of component procurement. If any component is unavailable, it is replaced with a similar component after consulting the buyer.

At JHYPCB, we offer procurement services. We get quality components according to the specifications provided by the buyer.

4. Incoming Inspection

It is necessary to inspect all the materials and the components that will be used in the PCBA. The components must be up to the mark. It ensures better performance of the PCBA and expected results. At JHYPCB, we inspect everything before PCBA production.

5. PCBA Production

After the incoming inspection, PCBA production is carried out. The PCB is fabricated according to the requirements and needs of the buyer. After PCB fabrication, solder paste is applied on the PCB using a stencil. The components are picked and placed over the desired locations using a machine. The machine automatically picks the components and places them in the right place.

Once components are placed over the PCB, the board is sent for reflow soldering in the reflow oven. The PCBA comes out through the conveyor belt.

6. PCBA Inspection

The PCBA is inspected through various methods. First, its inspection is done manually to detect visible faults. Then, Automatic Optical Inspection and X-ray Inspection detect the faults and problems with the PCBA. The electrical connections are analyzed.

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7. PCBA Test

PCBA is tested to ensure whether it is giving the desired results or not. There are different types of tests that are carried out on a PCBA. At JHYPCB, we perform different tests to satisfy our clients. Some of the tests are Flying Probe Test, Functional Test, and Reliability Tests. After testing, the PCBA is ready to be used in the project.

8. Packaging and After-sales

The packaging is important to protect the PCBA from damage during shipping. PCBA must be packed properly to prevent any damage due to air, water, or anything else. At JHYPCB, we also provide after-sales services. We are always ready to help our customers and solve their problems.

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