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How to Select the Right Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

Low volume PCB assembly service is one of the PCB assembly services offered by many PCB assembly service providers. How find and identifying the right low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer is our top priority before the project starts.
Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

PCB assembly manufacturers can handle prototype PCB assembly, partial or full turnkey PCB assembly, small to medium batch PCB assembly, and high-volume PCB assembly. After the PCB prototype assembly is verified, it is unclear how prevalent and accepted the new product is in the market, so we also need to carry out low-volume PCB assembly.

How to find a reliable contract manufacturer to handle your low-volume PCB assembly orders can be an issue that needs to be taken seriously. What you need is not just a PCB assembly company that can help you complete your order but a real partner who can save costs from your perspective, pay attention to your needs, and flexibly handle various emergencies.

How to Select the Right Low-volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer

To make the best decision, here are 12 key things we should consider when choosing a low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer.

1. Quantity

There are companies in the market that specialize in prototype PCB assembly and manufacturers specializing in batch PCB assembly. If you need a small quantity, say under 1000 pieces, it is in your best interest to find a contract manufacturer specializing in low-volume PCB assembly.

2. MOQ

When looking for low volume PCB assembly manufacturers, you will find that some companies have minimum order quantities. If your order does not meet their requirements, you do not have to increase the quantity to meet their MOQ requirements, which will increase your cost. We suggest that you better consult the next one.

3. Flexibility

A complete PCB assembly goes through PCB manufacturing, component procurement, placement, soldering, testing, and shipping. Anything can happen unexpectedly. To receive your shipments on time, you need to ensure that your contract manufacturer is equipped to deal with the unexpected. Our first choice is a low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer with the flexibility to handle unplanned events during the build-to-order process.

4. Services

You need a company that can provide you with a one-stop PCB assembly service, not a company that outsources some work. Only a contract manufacturer with one-stop PCB assembly service capabilities can guarantee the quality and delivery of your final product.

5. Experience

Some PCB assembly plants only focus on orders in specific fields or industries. It would help if you ensured that the low-volume PCB assembly factory you choose has enough experience to handle your order.

6. Delivery and Scheduling

The prototype PCB assembly requires not necessarily how good the quality is; the most important thing is the delivery time and functional testing. You need to understand your prospective partner’s ability to coordinate production schedules, as most manufacturers will prioritize the delivery of high-volume orders. In a situation like this, you’d better send your order to a low-volume PCB assembly factory to get a quick turnaround time.

Low-volume PCB Assembly Service
Low-volume PCB Assembly Service

7. Supply Chain

Low-volume PCB assembly manufacturers need to have excellent supply chain management capabilities. This helps us obtain components at a lower price and reliable quality and receive the boards on time.

8. DFM capability

Your low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer should have the ability to inspect DFM, which will help you know in advance design defects or deficiencies, process difficulties, manufacturing risks, design and process mismatch factors, etc., to ensure that the design and process capabilities are fully matched, substantially reduce the number of product trials, save production costs, and improve product reliability.

9. Reputation

When choosing a low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer, we should fully know its reputation in the industry. Industry reputation is a real test for an SMT processing factory. If more than 80% of the partners have positive comments on this factory, it is a reliable partner.

10. Cost

Price is always a sensitive topic that we cannot avoid. The price of each low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer varies widely due to its internal complexities. The assembly price is too high for us to afford, and the price is too low to make people doubt its quality. Therefore, when choosing a low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer, you need to choose an affordable manufacturer.

11. Scale and Equipment

Before deciding on our low-volume PCB assembly partner, we need to know how many SMT assembly lines the manufacturer has, the number of personnel, whether there are SPI solder paste inspectors, FAI first article inspectors, X-rays, etc. in the PCB assembly equipment.

12. System Certification and Factory Management System

When choosing a small batch PCB assembly manufacturer, you should check whether the other party has ISO9001 quality certification, ISO13485 Medical certification, IATF16949 certification. The most basic is to have ISO9001 certification. The second is whether the factory management system is perfect, such as implementing 5S management, whether the area signs are evident, whether there is an air shower, whether employees wear electrostatic wristbands when operating, etc.

In summary, when we choose and cooperate with a low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer, we need to consider various factors thoroughly before making a final decision. A suitable low-volume PCB assembly manufacturer can take the trouble and save time and cost for us.

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