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Fast Prototype PCB Services for US Customers

Looking for fast turnaround on prototype PCBs without the high costs? JHYPCB, a leading PCB manufacturer in China, provides rapid prototyping and production of high-quality PCBs at competitive prices for US customers.
Prototype PCB USA


Seeking rapid prototyping and on-demand production of PCBs? As a leading PCB manufacturer based in China, JHYPCB has the capability to deliver high-quality PCB prototypes at an affordable price point for customers in the US.

Founded in 2011, JHYPCB has extensive experience manufacturing complex, high-tech PCBs for a diverse global customer base. Whether you need rigid, flex, HDI, or multi-layer PCBs, we have cutting-edge facilities and engineering expertise to fulfil your prototyping requirements.

At JHYPCB, we understand the importance of fast turnaround times for PCB prototyping applications. Delays can be very costly when you need to verify your PCB design quickly or have short PCB production runs. That’s why we have invested heavily in streamlining our processes and supply chain to deliver PCB prototypes quickly without sacrificing quality.

For our US customers, we provide priority manufacturing and express shipping to compress lead times. This enables us to ship out finished boards within 1-2 days and deliver your PCB prototypes in just 2-4 business days on average. With both speed and affordability, JHYPCB is the right choice for your PCB prototyping needs.

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Why JHYPCB for Your Prototype PCB Needs?

When you need prototype PCBs turned around quickly without breaking the bank, JHYPCB should be your trusted partner. Here are some key reasons to choose us for your prototyping needs:

  • Lower costs than US PCB suppliers – By leveraging our efficient supply chain and manufacturing expertise honed over a decade, we maintain lower operational costs. These savings are passed on to customers, so you pay less for the same quality boards.
  • Fast turnaround time meets urgent requirements – We understand that delays can derail your entire project timeline. That’s why we prioritize prototype orders and ship out your PCBs within 1-2 days. You’ll have your prototype boards ready for evaluation on short notice.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies ensure high quality – When you need high-quality, highly reliable prototype PCB assembly services, Our SMT production lines feature the latest technologies like 3D SPI, AOI, and AXI to maintain fine tolerances. Every board is rigorously tested for electrical and mechanical integrity.
  • Smooth online ordering and DFM analysis – Upload your Gerber files to our website, and we’ll respond with a detailed manufacturability analysis within 24 hours. Our engineers will also provide optimization recommendations to improve quality.

When you need testing, high-performing PCB prototypes without blowing your budget or schedule, be sure to get a quote from JHYPCB today!

High quality PCB manufacturing with low cost
High quality PCB manufacturing with low cost for US

High Quality and Affordability

At JHYPCB, quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. We leverage our expertise in advanced PCB manufacturing to produce high-quality prototype boards cost-effectively.

We maintain stringent quality control throughout the production process. Every board undergoes thorough testing and inspection from CAM engineering to SMT assembly at each stage. Our manufacturing capabilities also enable tight tolerances, high layer counts, and other technical requirements.

Our facilities boast an array of state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate complex PCBs, including:

  • Direct imaging (DI) technology for fine line/space resolution
  • High-precision etching/drilling machines
  • Advanced X-ray drilling for HDI boards
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Full testing/QC suite – Flying probe, boundary scan, etc.

By optimizing our supply chain and manufacturing, we can offer very attractive pricing without compromising on quality. Our economy of scale enables us to keep costs low. Our pricing is very cost-competitive for US customers compared to domestic PCB suppliers.

When quality matters just as much as the cost for your prototypes, JHYPCB delivers the best value. Get in touch with us to evaluate PCB prototyping options within your budget.

PCB Prototype Manufacturing USA
PCB Prototype Manufacturing USA

Smooth Ordering and Communication

At JHYPCB, we make PCB prototype ordering straightforward for our US customers. With our intuitive online ordering system and responsive customer support, getting your boards produced is simple:

  • Online Gerber File Upload and Ordering – Upload your PCB design Gerber files on our website.
  • DFM Analysis in 24 Hours – Our engineers will carefully audit your files within 24 hours and respond with a detailed manufacturability analysis. We’ll recommend any design adjustments to optimize fabrication.
  • Email and Phone Support – Our sales staff are available during US time zones to answer questions via email or phone. We all speak fluent English to support smooth communication.
  • Production Status Updates – Throughout the production process, we provide status updates so you can track order progress. You’ll know when your PCB prototype order ships out.

With JHYPCB handling ordering, production, and shipping, getting high-quality PCB prototypes delivered promptly is simple. Communicate your prototyping requirements to our team, and we’ll handle the rest.


When rapid prototyping of PCBs is a priority, JHYPCB delivers the speed, quality and affordability needed to accelerate your projects. With over a decade of experience manufacturing complex PCBs, we have refined our processes to provide exceptionally fast turnaround to customers in the US.

By leveraging our expertise and capabilities, we can fulfil your prototyping needs better than domestic PCB suppliers:

  • Fast turnaround time – Receive your PCB prototypes in as little as 2-4 days
  • Priority manufacturing – We expedite production for your urgent orders
  • High quality – Our rigorous quality control ensures boards meet specifications
  • Cost-competitive pricing – Save on prototypes without sacrificing quality
  • Smooth ordering – Online Gerber file upload and clear communication

For your next PCB prototyping project, be sure to get a quote from JHYPCB. Our team of engineers are ready to deliver the specialized PCB manufacturing services required to make your project successful. Experience the JHYPCB difference today!

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