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What factors determine the price of PCB?

Depending on the design of the printed circuit board, the price will vary depending on the material of the circuit board, the number of layers of the circuit board, the size of the circuit board, the quantity, the production process, the smallest line width and line spacing, the smallest aperture and the number of holes, Special crafts, and other requirements.

There are mainly the following ways to calculate prices in the industry:

Calculate the price by size (applicable for small batches and prototypes)

The PCB manufacturer will give the unit price per square centimeter according to the number of layers of the circuit board and the different processes. Customers only need to change the size of the circuit board into centimeters and then multiply it by the unit price per square centimeter to get the unit price of the circuit board to be produced. This calculation method is very suitable for ordinary circuit boards; it is convenient for the manufacturer. It is also suited for buyers.

Refined calculation of prices based on cost (applicable for High Volume)

The raw material of the circuit board is copper clad laminate(CCL), The common sizes of copper clad laminate are 915mm1220mm (36″48″); 940mm1245mm (37″49″); 1020mm1220mm (40″48″); 1067mm1220mm (42″48″); 1042mm1245mm(41″49″); 1093mm1245mm(43″*49″) etc.

The PCB manufacturer will calculate the utilization rate of the copper-clad laminates of this batch of circuit boards based on the material, the number of layers, process, quantity, and other circuit boards’ parameters to be produced to calculate the material cost. For example, if you make a 100100MM circuit board, the factory may put together 1004 and 100*5 large boards to create to improve production efficiency. Among them, they also need to add some spacing and board edges to facilitate production. Generally, the spacing of the gongs is 2MM, and the sides of the board are 8-20MM. Then the formed large board is cut in the size of the raw material. If it is just cut, there is no other board, which means the utilization rate is maximized. Calculating the utilization rate is one step of all, and the drilling fee is also calculated. See how many holes there are, how big the smallest hole is, how many holes a large board has, and the cost of electroplating copper based on the traces on the board. The fee of each small process is finally added to the average labor cost, loss rate, profit rate, and marketing cost of each company. Finally, divide the total cost by how many small boards can be produced in a large piece of raw material to get a low unit price. This process is very complicated and requires someone to do it. Generally, the quotation takes more than a few hours.

Online taximeter

Because circuit boards are affected by many factors, ordinary buyers do not understand the supplier’s quotation process. It often takes a long time to get a price, wasting many human resources and material resources. Many companies have started to build a circuit board pricing program on the website, letting customers freely calculate the price through some rules. People who do not understand PCB can also easily calculate the cost of PCB.

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